Team MyVidster's Solana Validator (Discord)
Help support the decentralization of the Solana network by staking your SOL crypto to Team MyVidster Validator Node!
Our Story
Welcome to Team MyVidster! We are the #1 social video bookmarking site on the internet, avid lovers of cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. Our lead developer and DevOps, Marques Gunter, has over 20 years of experience with coding, infrastructure, and network security. While crypto is currently our passionate hobby, we also run node servers for Bitcoin, Arweave, Ren, Gala Games, Arionum, and Theta. He also created a payment processor for the ARO crypto currency.
Our Validator server is behind a router and software firewall. We continously monitor for security exploits and patches. So are we really secure? Well actions speak louder than text. Our main site MyVidster has been secure for 15 years. Additionally, all servers we manage are routinely audited by an independant white hat hacker (he loves being paid in BTC and hopefully SOL one day).
AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX 64-Core
(2X) 256GB 4x64GB DDR4-2666 PC4-21300 2Rx4 RDIMM ECC RDIMM
(4X) SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus SSD 2TB - M.2 NVMe
Gigabit Fiber Internet Connection from Data Foundry
Rewards and Performance
Our Validator is ranked TOP #10 for APY rewards at and performance at!

So why should you delegate your stake to Team MyVidster?
Other than our impressive peformance, security, and uptime, we are based in Austin, TX, where we like to keep work both weird and fun. As we say, work hard and play harder!
Where do I buy Solana?
We recommend FTX.US or Coinbase for U.S. residents. You can review a complete list of exchanges at CoinMarketCap.
How do I stake my Solana for rewards?
To received rewards (paid in SOL), you first need to move your SOL off the exchange and into a Solflare Wallet. DO NOT STAKE from the exchange's wallet, doing so may result in you losing your SOL. After you have moved your SOL to your personal wallet, create a staking account by clicking the STAKE button. It will then ask you for the amount of SOL you wish to deposit. Important! keep at least 0.01 SOL in your wallet. SOL is used to pay for transactions on the Solana network which are less then a penny and fast!
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